Yummy HotWife Collection #1 – Sofie Marie – Yummy Girl

Hot la guy pick up hot wife, sofie marie found frank in a los angeles hotel bar, and brought him to her room. they tipsy no time, and they jumped right into bed for some very steamy “stranger” sex! overbooked hotwife sofie marie is in las vegas on a business trip, and she lines up all her favorite big cocks to come over to have sex in the same night but not at the same time. she is trying to fit them all in her schedule! even the best plans get screwed up, but, sofie makes the best of her tight pussy on a tight schedule! jason banger shows up late, so spike irons has hot and wet sloppy seconds. fedora knocks on the door right after spike cums, so he has sofie freshly fucked twice over! sofie has all the boys back to back to back! sloppy seconds and thirds! i want to fuck a fireman watch sofie marie fulfill her fantasy of sucking and fucking real-life fireman outside in an abandoned building, and he has a great big hose. co-starring jason banger. formal dinner party masturbation sexy sofie marie takes a much needed break from a cocktail party where she is receiving much attention for her sexy sheer long gown. all of the compliments are making her so horny, she sneaks off into the kitchen for a quiet moment. she uses her time and her vibe to masturbate and get naked! sofie’s super long legs look amazing as she spreads them and puts them up on the kitchen counter

Studio: YummyGirl

Keywords: Cumshots, Hot Wives, MILF, Strangers, Taboo

Starring: Sofie Marie

File Information :

Size: 3.08 Gib

Duration: 03:17:48 Min

Resolution: 1280×720

Format video: mp4


1831_Sofie Marie Yummy Hotwife Collection 1.mp4 – 3.08 GB

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