Your Step Mom Fuck Me & Only Me – Lourdes Noir

Lourdes is concerned. She’s been fucking her step-son who is getting ready to go to college and they haven’t spent much time together lately. She thinks he might be getting tired of her and decides to create a little insurance policy. She knocks on her step-son’s door and tells him she’s supposed to go meet her friends but his dad is away and she wants to be with him. Her step son instantly responds with passionate kisses and touches. He buries his face in her pussy, he fucks her face with his cock. Then he buries his cock in her pretty pink pussy, flips her on all fours and fucks her pussy and her ass before she cums all over his cock and he blows his load in her ass. While she never tells him-its clear she’s planted a camera in his room and captured them fucking by the way she keeps looking at the camera sly and in the end talks about an insurance policy to make sure she’s always the only woman for him.

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Starring: Lourdes Noir

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Size: 1.44 Gb Duration: 18 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4


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