Your Step-Brothers Wife Is A Sex Addict PT. 2 – Kendra Lynn

You have been in your room since everything went down with your step-brother’s wife Kendra the other day. But this morning you knew Kendra would be downstairs having her coffee and your step-parents should already be gone so she would be all alone. You and Kendra were making some small talk when you asked her about her medication and your step-brother of course. Kendra didn’t really say much to your question she kinda got a odd look on her face and said she wanted to ask you a question. Before she asked you she told you to follow her to her bedroom. Once you get into her bedroom Kendra asked you if you would be able to help her out again like the other day since her meds aren’t there yet. And of course she doesn’t have anyone else to help her out since your step-brother is still out on business. At 1st you really don’t want to do anything like that again but you agree because Kendra really needs you right now. Kendra then told you to get naked and lay on the bed which is completely different than what you guys did yesterday. Kendra got between your legs and told you to stroke your cock while she gets her pussy off! Kendra cam right in front of you in a matter of minutes but that just wasn’t enough for Kendra. She looked right at your hard cock and just hard to stroke it and make you cum for her. You try and hold out as long as you can but it is so hard because your step-brother’s wife is so fucking hot!

Starring: Kendra Lynn

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Size: 663 Mb; Duration: 08 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4


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