You Cum Then I Cum – Amy – FFeZine

Her younger sweet petite innocent body looked so beautiful, impossible to resist as she spread her bals pussy lips and said, ”its OK”, she reached behind her taking mamm’y vibrating toy and I could belive my eyes as my sweet girl placed it right on her button and began to moan almost immediately. My cock was throbbing, but for now all I could do was watch the wonderful show infront of me, and explore the tightness of her pussy hole and tiny breast with my hands. Soon she began to scream as the relentless buzzing drove her to a massive orgasm. Now it was my turn, she helped me put lube on incase she was too tight it hurt, and slowly but surely I worked my rock hard cock into her tight hole, I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt, or the softness of her legs parted for me, sure I hoped everything would be OK, and it wouldn’t hurt, but mostly I just want ted to pound her tight hole fast, hard and deep

Studio: FFeZine

Keywords: Taboo, Barely Legal, Daddys Girl, Daddy Roleplay, POV Sex

Starring: Amy

File Information :

Size: 901.6 Mib

Duration: 00:19:09 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1068_FFeZine You Cum Then I Cum.mp4 – 901.55 MB

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