Work It Out – A POV Story – Alexia Anders

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Work It Out – A POV Story – Alexia Anders

Milan is in his bedroom with his phone, scrolling through a menu of scenes on the APOVStory website. He hears a loud noise, and heads to the living room to investigate. Stepsister (Alexia Anders) is lying on the rug, and yells” “Milan! Some help”. He reaches out to help her stand up. “You know, this is embarrassing, but I can’t really reach my toes”, she says. “What?”, he reacts. “I fell over trying to reach my toes”, she admits. “Why are you trying to reach your toes?”, Milan asks. “I don’t know. I think this is kind of important. Okay, watch”, she says, and bends over but is unable to touch her toes. “You know what? Why don’t you come over and try to help me by putting your hands around my waist?”, she requests. “What?”. “Like this”, she says, putting his hands on her waist. “I don’t know -it seems weird”, he complains. “Why?”, she asks. “We’re siblings now”, he explains. “Shouldn’t you want to help your stepsister achieve her goals?”, she asks. “Please”, she pleads. “It just seems weird”, he reiterates. “Why?”, she asks. “I don’t get why this is so important”, he says. “Well, I don’t get why this is such an issue for you?”, she counters. “Aren’t mom and dad always trying to get us to spend more time together?”, she asks. “I mean, I’m not sure this is what they mean”, he wonders. “Well, how long have we been living together for now?”, she asks. “I guess six months”, he says. “Well, I think six months is a good enough time for us to get closer now”, she maintains. “Come on”, she says, and turns her back to him. Milan clasps her around the waist, and stepsister reaches down toward her toes, declaring “Great”. He gazes down at her butt, which rubs against his groin. She turns to look up at him and asks: “Milan, what are you doing?”. “I’m helping you stabilize”, he says innocently. “How are you doing?”, he asks. “I’m good. I’m almost there”, she replies as she moves her ass against him. “Okay, you can let go now”, she says. Abruptly, she stands straight and turns around to face him. “Milan, are you…”, she begins. and he interrupts, saying: “I am just trying to help”. “Oh my gosh, were you getting off?”, she accuses him. “What do you expect?”, he asks. “I’m your stepsister”, she exclaims. “I didn’t mean to -you were pressing me”, he claims. “Well, why would you think that?”, she asks. “Because you were”, he insists. “No, I was just trying to get my balance”, she avers. “Well, this was just an unintentional side effect”, he says, referring to his boner. “Gosh, you’re gross”, she declares. “Don’t you think it’s weird to ask your stepbrother to rub your ass?”, he contends. “No, not really, It’s not my fault that you think about it that way”, she counters. “Come on, don’t be mean”, he pleads. “Well, what do you want me to do about it? I promise I won’t ask you again”, she says. “Well..”, he begins. She looks down at his groin and says: “Really?”. “You did this”, he says. “I did not”, she answers. “You should have at least offered to fix it”, he claims. She looks at this groin again. “Maybe you will like it”, he suggests, “I won’t tell. It can be our little secret. Our reward for you touching your toes”, he coaxes. She moves close to him and declares: “I can’t believe this is happening. Don’t make it weird”, “Sorry”, Milan says. “You have a gentle touch”, she says. “Is that good?”, he wonders. “Yeah, I like it. It feels good against my ass”, she says. Stepsister kneels down in front of him and rubs his groin. “You have such a nice cock inside of your pants. It’s so hard. Can I undress it -your pants?”, she asks. She unbuttons his fly and pulls out his big dick, declaring: “Oh my gosh, it’s such a nice cock”. She strokes it with both hands. Watch the taboo scene unfold…

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Work It Out – A POV Story – Alexia Anders

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