Work It In My Ass Tiny – Madisin Lee – Fell On Productions

I know you want me? But do you think you can really handle me? Do you think your tiny cock can handle my thick curves and big fat pussy? Go ahead and take it out. I want to see you work that tiny dick for me. Stroke that tiny cock for me. It is so small, I do not think you can handle my MILF pussy. It is cute though. So hard and petite. You know, I have a perfect place for your tiny cock, right here, inside my tight asshole. Do not be intimidated by my huge ass because my asshole is very small. Now, go ahead and stick it in. Is it in? Oh, there it is, now work it tiny

Studio: Fell On Productions

Keywords: Taboo, Small Penis Encouragement, Small Penis Worship, Anal, POV, Masturbation Encouragement

Starring: Madisin Lee

File Information :

Size: 969.59 Mib

Duration: 00:11:29 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1489_Fell On Productions Work It In My Ass Tiny.mp4 – 969.59 MB

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