Water Conservation – Carly – A Taboo Fantasy

HIGH UTILITY BILLS MAKE MOM AND DAD MAKE CARLY AND JOSH TO SHOWER TOGETHER!!! THE ATTEMPT AT WATER CONSERVATION GOES HORRIBLY WRONG!! OF COURSE THE PENIS ENDS UP INSIDE THE VAGINA…. WHAT WERE MOM AND DAD THINKING????!!! You would think Mom and Dad would know better!! When the utility bills in the household begin to skyrocket….Mom and Dad decide that the Family has to start cutting back. To start with…because of the high water bill….Mom and Dad tell Carly & Josh that they must start taking their Showers together for Water Conservation!!! The two reluctant Siblings show up in the bathroom the next morning, and grudgingly take their clothes off and get into the Shower together. Carly turns the Water on…and the Brother Sister duo immediately begin to squabble about whose turn it is to get wet first!! After a moment of bickering, and jostling for position….their private parts end up touching!!! Before you know it…Carly is soaping Josh’s cock….and Josh is groping Carly’s cunt!! Josh goes down on his knees and, with the Water cascading all over them….he cleans his Sister’s pussy with his tongue!! Carly returns the favour, and soon Carly is bent over and Josh is Pounding her from behind. Carly ends up taking a massive facial that not only soaks her face….but provides her hair with a giant dose of shampoo and conditioner. The two bewildered Siblings question Mom and Dad’s decision to make them to Shower together…..”What did they THINK would happen???….naked boy….naked girl…..it’s only natural that we would fuck….

Studio: ATabooFantasy

Keywords: Taboo, Blowjob, Fingering, Shower, Fucking

Starring: Carly

File Information :

Size: 937.4 Mib

Duration: 00:08:34 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0955_A Taboo Fantasy Water Conservation_.mp4 – 937.40 MB

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