Unlocking the forbidden lust – Taboo Mom Natasha

Taboo Mom Natasha - Unlocking the forbidden lust_shot

Unlocking the forbidden lust – Taboo Mom Natasha

A strange man has been boarding with this reserved religious mother and her adult son. As he bids his farewell he offers a gift of a beautiful pendant for her, Similar to one he gave to her son. Upon wearing it something changes within her…the stranger knows of her hidden lust and will make suggestions that she cannnot help but agree and go along with. Once in her sons bedroom, the lust takes over as she touches herself, encouraged by the man….she touches her son and removes her clothing… what ensues is a lustful sinful downright dirty fuck scene that will blow your mind. So many angles to watch as this horny milf reveals how badly and how much she enjoys fucking her own son… the dirty talk takes you into this scene as if you yourself were there witnessing it live. A rave review from the script writer/fan in short: i want to praise and thank you (profusely) for once again being the ultimate taboo dirty-talker. if i singled out all the awesome lines you said (and which i loved so much) i would be writing this for ever! suffice it to say that this gift of yours is a dream come true for a guy like me who really gets off on the verbal element of the fantasy. not for a moment did you let up with it throughout all the sizzling hot action in the bedroom. i got wonderful doses of it again and again. for description, passion, sincerity and originality it is unparalleled. i also love how you say it so much during the actual sex – forming a direct connection between that and your words. in short: you do it all gloriously! This WILL top the charts and become a fast favorite for all fans of my epic creations.

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Keywords: TABOO, milf, dirty talk

Starring: Natasha

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