Time Out: Maternal Mentoring – Lady Fyre, Cherie DeVille – House Of Fyre

You are a student in Ms Fyre’s class. Today she caught you playing with your phone in class, so she took it away. The school rule is to call the parents to have them come pick up the phone, but Ms Fyre discovers the phone is unlocked & starts going through the photos. She finds naked pictures of your step-mom, Cherie, who she recognizes from parent night. She realizes she’s going to have to call Cherie anyway, but now she has the difficult task of telling her about the photos. While contemplating how to best handle the situation, she gets turned on by the photos, but she quickly pushes it out of her mind. Once you & your step-mom arrive, Ms Fyre talks to her about the photos. Your step-mom says she knows the photos are of her because she allowed you to take them. “Have you seen how big his dick is?” she asks, and she pulls it out of your pants. Ms Fyre just stares on in disbelief. She gets to see with her own eyes what a special relationship you have with your step-mom. Cherie keeps trying to get Ms Fyre to join in, but she’s very reluctant. Leave it up to your super sexy step-mom to convince this hot little reluctant redhead that having sex with her student is a good idea. Plus, your cock is just too nice to resist.

Starring: Lady Fyre & Cherie DeVille

File Information :

Size: 1.45 Gb; Duration: 25 min; Resolution: 1920×1080; Format video: mp4


2286_Lady Fyre & Cherie DeVille – Time Out – Maternal Mentoring.mp4 – 1.45 GB

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