Tiffany’s Allowance – A Taboo Fantasy

Tiffany’s Allowance – A Taboo Fantasy

TIFFANY DESPERATELY WANTS A RAISE IN HER ALLOWANCE…AND WON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. WHEN OFFERING TO DO CHORES AROUND THE HOUSE DOESN’T WORK…. TIFFANY STRIPS….AND OFFERS HER YOUNG NAKED BODY TO HER DAD!!! TIFFANY GETS A GOOD LICKING…TAKES A HARD POUNDING….BUT GETS THE RAISE IN HER ALLOWANCE!!! Tiffany desperately wants a raise in her Allowance…but her Daddy is very clear that they cannot afford to give it to her. They are so tight on cash, that Dad is reading through a home repair book, to try and fix the Dryer by himself…because they cannot afford to hire a repairman. Tiffany, however, being a young girl…focused on her own needs….is unsympathetic to her Dad’s situation. Tiffany begs and pleads with her Dad for a large raise in Allowance. She offers to do the dishes……make Supper while Mom is at work….clean the house….Tiffany tries everything to convince her daddy to raise her Allowance. When nothing works….Tiffany gets desperate. She starts to remove her clothes as she says….”You’re a guy Daddy…right? I know what guys like. Tell you what….I’ll let you take a poke at me twice a week….in exchange for a $100 a week raise in my Allowance”. As She finishes the sentence….her panties have just come off. “Daddy… you have any idea what a girl my age tastes like?”. Dad looks at her sweet, young pussy….and snaps!!! He says “I bet it tastes just like honey!!”….and with that….Dad burries his head in Tiffany’s crotch and begins to eagerly lap at her beautiful young cunt!! Tiffany moans as her Dad gives her a good licking….and then Dad tells Tiffany to go for a ride on his hard cock. Tiffany rides her daddy’s cock and squeals with delight!! Dad turns her over and Fucks her hard from behind….before insisting on making her swallow it as part of the deal. Tiffany wants to cinch the deal… she sucks Dad until he fills her young mouth with sperm. dad gets out his wallet and gives Tiffany her “raised” Allowance!!! She is off to the Mall

Release: 18.11.2017

Price: $15.99 USD

Studio: A Taboo Fantasy

Keywords: Taboo, Blowjob, Pussy Eating, Fucking, Cum In Mouth

Starring: Tiffany

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Size: 923.8 Mb

Duration: 00:15:48 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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