Tied down by step-sis – Sloans Moans

Tied down by step-sis – Sloans Moans_cover

Tied down by step-sis – Sloans Moans

Watch as you wake up one morning to find your step sis on top of you. Even more surprising, you find that she’s tied you down. She can see the shock on your face and she is gentle and calm as she reassures you that she’s not going to hurt you. She has been thinking about doing this for quite some time and she couldn’t live another day without having her step brother all to herself. She caresses your face and gives you loving pecks on the mouth before becoming more intimate and passionate. She knows she’s in control but she remains sweet and gentle with you. She can feel you getting hard underneath her and she reaches down to feel your cock before she lowers herself completely to give you a sensual blowjob as she continues to speak sweetly, yet dominantly. You start to moan and she tells you to be quiet so that no one hears us. She then explains how wet her pussy is for you and how she wants you to feel her wetness on your cock. She straddles you begins to grind on your hard cock. She tells you that you have no choice but even if you did you would still be here with her. She orgasms with a hand over her mouth to stifle her moans and then tells you that she wants you to feel just as good as she feels. She tells you that her plan all along was to take your cum deep into her pussy. She wants you to creampie her. She keeps riding and talking gently while in complete control. She asks you to cum at the same time as her and you do. She bounces on your cock until every last drop of cum fills her pussy. She then unties you but says that she’ll be back for more…enjoy me, xo

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Tied down by step-sis – Sloans Moans_scr

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Tied down by step-sis – Sloans Moans

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