The Sodomy of Susanna – A Taboo Fantasy

SUSANNA PLAYS A DANGEROUS BETTING GAME WITH HER OLDER BROTHER. BLACKJACK IT IS….IF SHE WINS SHE GETS TO BORROW HIS CAR…IF SHE LOSES SHE MUST JERK HIM OFF. THEY GO DOUBLE OR NOTHING…TRIPLE OR NOTHING…AND QUADRUPLE OR NOTHING!! SUSANNA LOSES EVERY HAND…AND ENDS UP HAVING TO TAKE IT IN HER TINY LITTLE ASSHOLE!!! Poor Susanna!!! She wanted to borrow her older Brother’s car to go to the Beach….and when he refused…..they decided to play a Hand of Blackjack to decide things. If she wins the Hand…she gets his car….if he wins the Hand….she must give him a Handjob!! They play….and he wins. Susanna, not wanting to Jerk-Off her stupid Brother….suggests they go “Double Or Nothing”. If she wins, she gets the car….if she loses…it’s a Blowjob!! They play, and Susanna loses again!! Determined…..she suggests they go “Triple Or Nothing”. If she wins, she gets the car…if she loses….she’ll let him Fuck her!! Uh-Oh!!! She loses again!!! Now she’s in trouble….she has to let her Booger-Head Brother Fuck her. Desperate to escape the horrific Punishment….and convinced that the odds have to catch up with her eventually…..Susanna boldly suggests they play “Quadruple Or Nothing”!!! If she wins….she gets the car…but if she loses….she will let him Fuck her in her Ass!!! Poor Susanna is devastated when she goes over 21!!! Now she’s in big trouble!!! She must take it in her tiny asshole to pay off the Bet!!! Susanna sucks her mean Brother’s cock….then she rides it…..then she lets the disgusting Booger-Head shove it in her virgin Asshole, and Pound her!!! Susanna cries as he violates her tiny little asshole….and then to make it even worse…..he cums all over her face!!! It was extremely painful….but Susanna took it like a champ

Name Clip: The Sodomy of Susanna – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 30.03.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Anal, Blowjob, Fucking, Small Tits, Taboo
Starring: Susanna

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Size: 1238.3 Mb
Duration: 00:16:18 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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