The Facepage Incident – Missa X – Lana Rhoades

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The Facepage Incident – Missa X – Lana Rhoades

Prelude: Lana just created a FacePage account two months ago after her friends tell her it’s the best social media outlet to stay updated with old friends, make new friends, and share pictures with. Lana is super excited to see her friends list grow the more and more she adds pictures of herself to her profile. In High School she was not very popular, a late bloomer with acne, and the bookworm introverted-type, but now that she is a young woman, she is finally feeling confident about her look. She’s uploaded a ton of vacation photos, her wedding last Spring, her girls trip in Acapulco, and she’s excited to see her friends increase. There is one little problem with her newfound FacePage popularity, and that’s her step-son. He is a little obsessed and pressed the “heart” button on all of her photos. She worries that people might think that she has an unhealthy relationship with him, some of her photos are a little racy for a step-son to be favoring, there is one where she is bent over to pick up a towel in her bikini top! She’s even considered deleting any sexy-ish photos online.
Last week she had a little talk with him about how people might get the wrong idea, after all they are similar in age, and his father detests having his photo taken. “Do you think that people will think we have a sort of unnatural relationship?” Robby assured her that he would stop clicking the heart button on her photos, and that he absolutely wouldn’t want to offend her, his father, or let anyone think he’s being creepy when he’s just trying to be a nice guy. Lana smiled. She wouldn’t have had the courage to ask him but she knows full well that he’s been masturbating after his FacePage nights. She’s seen the crunchy spots in his t-shirts on the floor in the morning. It’s been getting to be so routine that the question of his attraction to her is hardly a mystery.

It’s Friday night and Robby’s father is away on business. Lana is in her work skirt and blouse, drinking a glass of wine, and so happy to dig into her latest book when she hears her phone notification “bing-bing!” She looks at her phone excitedly, “did someone ‘heart’ my latest photos?” She sees Robby’s name, yet again, hearting any photo of her in a fitted dress or bikini. She rolls her eyes, she has to be strict with the boy, a simple request didn’t do the trick. She goes up the stairs with her mind filled with how to present this problem to him in a way he will understand, he probably won’t, he’s going to have to delete his Facepage account. She’s his mother now, and she has the authority to make him do it.

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