The Extra Punishment – A Taboo Fantasy

The Extra Punishment – A Taboo Fantasy

WHEN TELLULAH DOESN’T DO HER CHORES….HER DADDY GETS MAD!! DAD SPANKS TELLULAH…THEN TELLS HER SHE IS GOING TO GET THE “EXTRA PUNISHMENT”!! TELLULAH IS VIOLENTLY USED AS A FUCK DOLL BY HER DADDY THEN IT’S TIME FOR THE “FINAL PUNISHMENT”…. DADDY CUMS ALL OVER HER FACE AS SHE CRIES AND CRIES!!! Tellula’s chore was to have the Family Room cleaned up before her Dad got home from work. She, however, got distracted playing video games after school…..and when Dad gets home….the room is a mess!!! This is NOT the first time Tellulah has messed up….so Dad is furious with her. Dad tells her that she needs to be Punished….and immediately puts Tellulah over his knee and gives her bum a hard spanking. After the spanking is done….Dad tells Tellulah that she needs to have….the….”Extra Punishment”!!! Tellulah starts to shake….”No Daddy PLEASE!!!….not the Extra Punishment!!!!……anything but the Extra Punishment!!!!….PLEASE NO DADDY!!!!”. Daddy is furious, however…and he continues with the Extra Punishment. Dad pulls up Tellulah’s skirt and begins to lick her young pussy while she screams and cries. Next, Daddy shoves his cock into Tellulah’s mouth and makes her suck it. Daddy continues the dreaded Extra Punishment by Fucking Tellulah REALLY hard in all kinds of positions, while she screams and begs him to stop….”You’re hurting me Daddy…..please stop…..”. When she has been painfully fucked hard in several positions, Daddy tells Tellulah to get down on the floor on her knees, and get ready for the “Final Punishment”. Daddy proceeds to cum all over Tellulah’s face while she cries….and promises she will never do it again

Release: 02.12.2017

Studio: A Taboo Fantasy

Keywords: Blowjob, Fucking, Pussy Eating, Spanking, Taboo

Starring: Tellula

File Information

Size: 701.9 Mb

Duration: 00:11:54 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


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