The Eldest Daughter – Erin – A Taboo Fantasy

ERIN’S MOM IS GOING TO BE AWAY FOR A FEW MONTHS… IN SOME CULTURES IT IS CUSTOMARY FOR THE ELDEST DAUGHTER TO ASSUME THE MOM’S “PHYSICAL RESPONSIBILITIES” DAD CONVINCES ERIN TO STRIP NAKED….AND BECOME MOM!!! Erin’s Mom is away for a few months at a job posting….and on the first night….Erin’s dad comes into her bedroom to have a talk with her. Dad explains that, with Mom gone for a while….Erin will have to take on some of the responsibilities that Mom used to have. Things like the grocery shopping…..the cooking…..the cleaning etc Erin isn’t exactly “thrilled” to hear that her plate just got a lot fuller….but when Dad follows up by saying that he will also bump up her allowance….Erin seems a little happier. Before Dad leaves…he tells her that he has one more subject he needs to address. Dad explains that in some cultures….it is common for The Eldest Daughter to assume the “physical responsibilities” of the female parent, in the event of the parent being absent for an extended amount of time. Erin questions what “cultures” Dad is referring to. Dad explains that this is quite common in Arkansas….which leads Erin to believe that it must be ok. Erin agrees to “pitch in” and help her Dad. Erin takes her clothes off and lies on her back to allow her Dad access to lick her cunt. She immediately notices that her Dad licks a LOT better than the boys her age. Erin enjoys the licking so much that she has a loud, powerful orgasm….during which she screams out “God Bless Arkansas!!!!!!”. Erin proceeds to sucks her Daddy’s cock, and then the Pounding begins….and boy oh boy….is it EVER a Pounding!!! Erin’s Dad humps her really hard, before cumming all over her. Erin says that she is looking forward to being The Eldest daughter for the next few months

Studio: ATabooFantasy

Keywords: TABOO, BBW, Blowjob, Pussy Eating, Fucking

Starring: Erin

File Information :

Size: 1.2 Gib

Duration: 00:11:16 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0949_A Taboo Fantasy The Eldest Daughter_.mp4 – 1.20 GB

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