The Daughter Disaster – Sarah Vandella, Elena Koshka, Steve Holmes – Pure Taboo

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The Daughter Disaster – Sarah Vandella, Elena Koshka, Steve Holmes – Pure Taboo

SCENE OPENS on a teen, Nancy (Elena Koshka), taking a home pregnancy test. Shes impatiently holding the stick in her hand. She taps her fingers against it with nervous anticipation as she mutters to it to come on and work faster. Her breathing is quick, panicked and shallow, and she even starts hyperventilating for several seconds and has to calm herself down by taking deep, controlled breaths. Once shes calmed herself down, she looks back down at the stick and sees two lines appear on the small display.
Suddenly shes interrupted by a knock on the door, and the voice of her step-father, Frank (Steve Holmes). He asks if anyones in there. Nancys eyes widen and she quickly tries to hide the evidence of the test as she says that yes, shes in here — she grabs the stick and the small cardboard box it came in and hides them behind her back, and flushes the toilet. Its just in the nick of time, as Frank tells her that hes late for an interview and he hopes shes done in there because hes coming in.
The door opens, and Nancy tries to act like everythings normal. She and Frank awkwardly brush past each other, his hands accidentally grazing against her body, as he moves towards the sink and she moves to get out of the bathroom without him seeing the test in her hands. He fidgets with his hair in front of the mirror and asks Nancy how he looks. Nancy looks away from him, the question clearly bothering her, and she mutters You look fine. He tells her he has a good feeling about today, this is his first 2nd interview for a company. This could be the end of their troubles. Nancy sneaks a look at the pregnancy test in her hand. Yeah, Frank, she says flatly, sure it could… Frank gives his step-daughter a quick kiss, then exits the bathroom — hes off to get this job.
Once hes gone, she has flashbacks to when she had sex with both her step-father and her step-fathers ex-boss. She clutches the pregnancy box test in her hand so hard it starts to crumple in her hand as she sinks down along the wall and starts crying.
CUT TO a little later that day, Nancy is curled up on the couch with her laptop. Shes looking up articles on what to do when you find out youre pregnant through a search engine. Her mother, Kate (Sarah Vandella), walks into the living room and Nancy quickly closes the laptop.
Kate says bitterly that she just heard from Frank, hes on his way back already, there wont be any second interview after all. When he arrived at the office he learned that theyd gotten him mixed up with another applicant, he was never among their top choices. Its embarrassing, she says, hes not even memorable enough to leave a bad impression, hes just completely forgettable. No wonder he was fired from his last job. Over twenty years he was there, and never even got a title change. Why he didnt beg to keep that old job when he had the chance, shell never know.
Mom… Nancy tries to interrupt but Kate continues. That job was way better to him than he deserved, Kate says, he should have been willing to do anything to not let that job slip through his fingers. MOM, Nancy cuts her off, and tells Kate theres something she needs to know about the day he got fired. Kate looks alarmed — what does she mean?
Nancy tells her all about what happened that day — how Frank bargained for his job back by whoring out Nancy to his boss, how he got fired, anyways, and then how he hate-fucked Nancy afterwards…
Kate is livid, though isnt on her daughters side. Ever since she turned eighteen Nancys been acting like a complete slut, and its just been getting worse. She bets it wasnt even Franks idea to do it, it was probably Nancys idea, shes seen how Nancy dresses, how Nancy behaves around men. It was probably her fault that Frank was fired, and her fault that Frank was willing to fuck his own step-daughter! The two start screaming and arguing, both feeling betrayed, sad, and angry.
CUT TO an unspecified amount of time later, Frank walks through the door and hears the sounds of shouting coming from the other room. Worriedly, he kicks off his shoes and drops his keys and briefcase and hurries to the living room where Nancy and Kate are still fighting. He asks them whats going on, and Kate instantly turns on him, telling him that Nancy told her about what they did the day he got fired and she cant believe he lied to her and didnt tell her about it. He stutters to say something, but Nancy cuts in, asking how Kate could possibly blame her for what he did when he lied to her about it, too. Kate tells Nancy to stay out of this, calls her a whore, and turns back to Frank asking how he could do all that to her. With her own daughter!
Frank struggles to say something as both crying angry women stare him down, and Kate gives up remarking that Frank doesnt even have anything to say for himself, he cant even say hes sorry. Frank says of course hes sorry, but its too late and Kate has already stormed off to the master bedroom leaving Frank alone with Nancy. In tears, Nancy complains to Frank that he didnt even stick up for her, he tried to whore his own step-daughter out to his boss and he doesnt even have the guts to admit it to his wife. Frank tries to calm her down, promising hell talk to Kate, and tries to put his hands comfortingly on Nancys shoulders but she pushes him away. She storms off to her room as Frank calls out to her that he promises hell make things right.
Frank enters the master bedroom, where Kate is sobbing on the bed. Frank comes up to try to comfort her with his apologies, but she pushes him away saying hes ruined their lives. Much like when trying to negotiate with his boss, Franks weak and cowardly tendencies start to flare up instinctively. He begs Kate to forgive him, and starts completely lying to her. He tells her that things that day just escalated. With the way that Nancy dresses, it wasnt surprising that his boss wanted to sleep with her. Frank also tried to resist her, but he couldnt! He loves Kate and is faithful to only her, and wants to make it right again.
Kate asks if all that is really true. She wants to believe him but he really hurt her. If he does again, shes going to leave him. Frank swears it is, he would never want to do anything to hurt Kate. Afterwards he was scared and humiliated to tell anyone, and above all he didnt want to break up Kates family. They embrace each other, and then Frank kisses Kate passionately saying again how sorry he is. Kate says how is she supposed to forgive him, she just wants to forget the whole thing ever happened. She kisses him again, and their passionate kissing slowly devolves into tender and erotic make-up sex.
Frank brings Kate to orgasm, but is unable to cum himself. He catches his breath and puts his hands to his forehead in exhaustion. Kate asks him whats wrong and he explains that he has too much stress on his mind to cum, all the unfinished business with Nancy is preoccupying him. Kate is sympathetic, and says maybe he just needs a few minutes, but Frank says he should go speak to Nancy and try to resolve things between them. Kate agrees thats a good idea, and says shell give them both some space to work things out together. Frank puts on a plain t-shirt and boxers and leaves the room.
CUT TO Frank entering Nancys bedroom. Nancy is curled up on the bed, and bitterly asks what Frank wants. Frank tells her he made up with Kate, and has come to do the same with her. Nancy looks up, and asks how he was able to get Kate to forgive her. Frank looks away for a second and finds himself lying again instinctively, saying that he told Kate the truth, that it was his idea to offer a deal to his boss to fuck his teen step-daughter in exchange for keeping his job. It took a lot of begging and apologizing but Kate finally decided to forgive him. He says that he also told Kate that Nancy didnt try to seduce him at all, it was his idea in a moment of weakness. Nancy is surprised, he really said that? Frank continues to lie and says yes, he just wants she and her mother to get along so he told her it was all him. How could Kate forgive him for what he did? She really forgave him? Frank keeps saying yes, she did, and the important thing now is that they forget about it and move on.
Nancy says she cant just forget about it. He says that he didnt treat her right before, but he wants to now. He says to her that there was another reason he didnt mind taking the blame for having sex with her, and it was because there was some truth to it, theres a part of him that secretly wanted her all along. That still wants her. She must have felt it, too, surely? She hesitantly says that she has, a little bit. Frank moves in to kiss her and she lets him have his way with her, slowly spreading her legs and inviting the hand on her lap to move towards her pussy. He asks her what she was going to say and she says just that she wants him right here, right now.

Release: 04.12.2018

Studio: PureTaboo

Keywords: TABOO, Step Dad, Teen, Milf & Mature, Older / Younger, Family Roleplay, Cheating, Step Daughter Blonde, Kissing, Pussy Fingering, Pussy Licking, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Pussy Rubbing, Big Tits

Starring: Sarah Vandella, Elena Koshka, Steve Holmes

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