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Kinky Mom & Daughter Interview Potential Daddy To Join Their Twisted Family

Roxy (Kenzie Taylor) is relaxing on the couch, lovingly cuddled up to her step-daughter, Chelsea (Carolina Sweets). As she glides her fingers affectionately through Chelsea’s hair, she admits that it’s time to start dating again. It’s been awhile since she divorced Chelsea’s dad… Roxy can only give Chelsea so much, needing a man to do the rest for her dear, sweet daughter… Chelsea needs a daddy.

Although Chelsea is worried at first, she soon eagerly helps Roxy set up an online date with a doctor named Marc (Tommy Gunn). If all goes well, their little family will be complete, and Chelsea will have the daddy she sorely craves…

When Marc arrives, he is entranced by Roxy, yet unnerved when she introduces him to Chelsea. While Marc thinks it’s unusual to introduce Chelsea so soon, Roxy argues that getting formalities out of the way will just make things easier for them. They need a family man in their life, and he’s a family man, right?

As they settle for dinner, Marc begins to suspect that something is amiss with the women. Roxy is exuding raw sexual energy in front of Chelsea and Chelsea herself doesn’t look so innocent either. Things only get more unsettling as Roxy heavily comes onto him by groping him under the table.

Or at least he THINKS it’s Roxy feeling him up until he sees that it’s Chelsea! When Roxy coyly asks how he’d punish Chelsea if she were his own daughter, the date only becomes more twisted. Roxy declares that Chelsea needs a new daddy and they think Marc could be the one. Although Marc is hesitant, his resolve crumbles under the sultry gaze of the mother-daughter duo…

Studio: PureTaboo

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Starring: Carolina Sweets, Kenzie Taylor, Tommy Gunn

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