Temptation At Home #1 – Alexis Fawx, Brad Knight, Jodi West, T Stone, Angie Noir, Rion King, Amber Lynn Bach, Tony Rubino, Johnny Castle – Forbidden Fruits Films

Tensions rise and boundaries get crossed when these family members give into the temptations at home! Torrid tales of twisted sexual romance between mature stepmothers and their young naive sons!

Scene 1. Alexis Fawx, Brad Knight

Brad’s happy to hear a knock at the door expecting them to be the chicken wings he ordered, but instead gets his smoking hot busty blonde stepmom Alexis bursting in more than unhappy about how he’s running up the credit card charges and insisting on bringing him home. She reminds him that he’s about to lose his scholarship, but Brad insists that he can’t come home because there’s too many temptations for him there. Alexis is surprised to learn that she’s the temptation, but decides she could do a little something to help him get over it as long as Brad doesn’t tell his father and agrees to go back to school. They kiss before she frees her funbags and lets Brad worship them, and then has Brad strip down a bit so she can suck and stroke his big cock with a little titty fucking mixed in. Brad lays Alexis back to eat her box before coming up to fuck it missionary style. She sucks him clean and has him take her from behind while giving him plenty of vocal encouragement. Alexis also rides Brad reverse cowgirl style before eagerly sucking and stroking him to an impressive pop over her titties.

Scene 2. Jodi West, T Stone

T. peeps on hot dirty blonde Jodi as she works around the kitchen before moving in to help her get something off the top shelf. They talk about the workouts they’re both about to have, and when he returns finds Jodi chatting with her girlfriends around the table. Jodi confesses to the temptations she’s having to her girlfriends after he tells them he’s heading to the shower, and kicks out her friends right before she tries peeping on T, When he hears her she tries to cover telling him that she was just getting him a towel. He’s surprised to find it’s a hand towel, and just as surprised to find that his clothes aren’t in his room which Jodi quickly brings in. Jodi confesses the temptations she’s been having, and T moves in to draw her close and kiss her as she fights against the temptation. He lays her back on the bed and eats her bald cunt before fucking it missionary style. T rolls Jodi over to take her from behind and then lays back for Jodi to eagerly suck and stroke his cock. She gets on top to ride T cowgirl style and lets T throw her to the side so he can spoon her. T finishes Jodi off missionary style and takes a decent pop from him on her tight stomach before Jodi reminds him how they were talking about boundaries.

Scene 3. Angie Noir, Rion King

Rion isn’t happy when he finds Raven tressed Angie packing a suitcase and letting him know that she’s done with his dad. He tries to tell her that he means well and has her try on one of the dresses his dad bought her. He compliments her on how hot she looks in it and starts running his hands around her while also letting her know how stupid his dad is. They kiss and move the suitcase out of the way so they can continue kissing on the bed and get Angie right back out of her dress. Rion sucks her tits and kisses her as he makes his way down to eat her pussy with Angie reciprocating nicely on his cock after he strips down for her. Angie lets Rion take her doggie style before getting on top for a reverse cowgirl ride. They finish things up missionary style with Rion pulling out to pop on Angie’s stomach.

Scene 4. Amber Lynn Bach, Tony Rubino

The fourth scene is oddly a bonus scene which comes from Memoirs of Bad Mommies 4. Curvy dirty blonde Amber is none too happy when Tony walks into the kitchen when he’s supposed to be at work, and lets him know that his father is furious. Amber’s more than surprised when he brings in Jodi and lets Amber know that they’re dating and Jodi’s moving in, and less than happy since she thinks Jodi’s just after his money. Soon after Tony’s letting Jodi drive off in his father’s car after Tony gives her his wallet so she can get her nails done. Amber’s determined that Jodi isn’t going to be moving in, and as they talk she learns that Tony likes older women. She strikes a deal that she’ll make Tony forget about Jodi, and moves in to kiss him as they help each other strip down. Tony sucks Amber’s big boobies before she lays him back to eat his cock. She rides him cowgirl style before getting on all fours to let him take her doggie style. Amber lays back for Tony to bone her missionary style, and finally takes an impressive load on her stomach and big titties.

Scene 5. Jodi West, Johnny Castle

Johnny’s none too happy when Jodi asks if his girlfriend is coming over for dinner because she just dumped him for being under house arrest due to him being caught peeing outside and now having to be a registered sex offender. He lets her know that he really needs something because the lack of sex is driving him crazy and she thinks she might have somebody she can bring over from her book club. When she comes back inside and finds him tampering with his ankle monitor she makes him promise not to do something stupid. As they chat later while Jodi’s getting ready to go out to dinner with Johnny’s father, he’s more than surprised when Jodi tells him that she thinks she might be the best person to take care of him so that they save the family a bit of embarrassment. Jodi tries to lay some rules, but soon after Johnny’s moving in to kiss her and help her strip down so he can admire her great body. She has Johnny lay back so she can suck and stroke his big cock, and then lets him lay her back to eat her bald beaver and tongue her ass in return. Johnny spoons Jodi before she has him pound her from behind with a few ass slaps and more oral action mixed in. Jodi gets on top for a cowgirl ride and then lets Johnny pound her again as she lays on her back half twisted to the side. Johnny pulls out and gives Jodi a nice creamy load on her stomach before Jodi heads out commenting on how his dad’s going to be upset with her for being late to dinner.

Starring: Alexis Fawx, Brad Knight, Jodi West, T Stone, Angie Noir, Rion King, Amber Lynn Bach, Tony Rubino, Johnny Castle

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