Teaching Sister For Daddy – Ondrea Lee

You bought us these matching outfits oh thank you Daddy! Me and Sister love them. And Good news Daddy! Younger sister is now old enough to stroke and suck your cock! I teach her how like a good big sis! Learning is best by example so we suck and stroke together, this was always our fun game Daddy but now I can teach sister how to play too! Sometimes when I suck your cock or when sister sucks your cock the other one turns around to show your our buttholes, we ask you to smell our butts daddy! “Daddy smell our butts!” I get a little jealous of sister and tell you to give me your cum and we fight over who’s going to get your cum Daddy. But we must learn to share…We beg for you to smell our butts and give us your Cum Daddy (squirt dildo cum shot in mouth and our little bodies) (daughter,daughters,sister/sister, begging, cum shot, princess sophia, pigtails)

Keywords: Blow Jobs, Daddy Roleplay, Interracial, Sisters, Taboo

Starring: Ondrea Lee

File Information :

Size: 632.1 Mib

Duration: 00:10:52 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1621_Ondrea Lee Teaching Sister For Daddy.mp4 – 632.11 MB

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