Teaching my Innocent Simple Sister about Sex During Quarantine – Blake Blossom – Primal’s POV Family Lust

So, I have been quarantining with my sister for weeks. Mom and dad got stuck visiting our grandparents so they aren’t going to home anytime soon. My girlfriend won’t get together till everything passes and, the internet is out so no porn. I have watched every video of me and my girlfriend I have on my phone and now it’s just driving me crazy. Blake comes in wearing my workout clothes. She looks so silly and adorable. Blake is kind of special. She’s SUPER smart, like Good Will Hunting or something, but, she’s kind of simple, like innocent. She doesn’t even know how to lie, and believes anything anyone tells her. I give her a hard time about wearing my clothes, and, I don’t know why, but I have her wear an outfit I had bought for my girlfriend. Blake always does what I ask her so she changes, she feels shy about how it fits, and honestly, I am fighting a raging hard-on. She is a total 10. I am going to hell for this, but, I stat explaining the concept of blue balls and she is horrified that I am in pain. One thing leads to another as I convince her to help me. Her reaction to seeing my cock almost makes me nut. I guess she has had a one time thing with a guy she met at “smart camp” and he didn’t have a lot going on in the dick department. She really wants to touch it and help me but she has no idea what to do, so I have her watch a video of my girlfriend sucking my dick. Well, like everything else she is an “Student” without trying. And when she tastes my precum she LOVES it, She even eats my ass with a smile. After she makes me cum, and shows that she can’t get enough of the taste I leave her alone so I can think of how fucked up what I just did was and how bad she might end up freaking out. Later Blake comes to my room, and I don’t have to worry that she is upset. She wants to ask if girls get blue balls and she has a wet spot coming through her yoga pants. It just happens, I finger fuck her until she cums and she is staring at my cock literally drooling and then one thing after another and she is cumming on my dick in basically every position. And she doesn’t want it to be the only time, my sister is like infatuated with me, my cock and the taste of my cum

Starring: Blake Blossom

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