Tammie Madison – Brother and Sister revenge Sex Tape – Forbidden Perversions

You worthless piece of ! You dumped me because you thought that I was too frigid, unwilling top put out, too conservative, and not raunchy enough for you. Did it ever cross your mind that I thought you were pathetic? Maybe I did not give you what you asked for, not because I was not interested in that type of sexual activity, but because I just was not prepared to give it to you. Your arrogance is staggering. Well I am going to show you. I can be raunchy. I am filthy. I have desires that are so dark, so twisted and sick that they would make you blush you immature little prick! Your idea of kinky sex was laughable. I mean, really, a pair of furry handcuffs and a couple of different sex positions? Please! You were never man enough to handle my perversions. You were too timid to allow me to explore the deepest pits of my desire. Were you a real man, a true dominant, and the sexual aficionado you believe yourself to be, I would have long since offered my flesh as a sexual libation for your pleasure. What you cannot provide me, my brother can. Does the thought of that make you shudder? Do I make you squirm when I tell you that I am willing to submit to my brother, to let him use me as he pleases? I am going to show you how much of a loser you are. I have made this sex tape as my revenge for the way you treated me. Watch as you see my brother help me fulfil my most sinister of urges. I beg him to play hard, to push my limits and challenge my boundaries. I instruct him to engage in taboo play with me. I am going to turn him down, to refuse his advances and to tell him no, each time he tries to penetrate me. But, I want him to dismiss my please and ignore my protests. My pussy is his. I consent to him using it as he sees fit. I give my consent for him engage in non-consensual play with me. My cries will be laughed at. My attempts to resist will be quashed. I will try to keep him off of me, but my actions will be futile. I will be like a rag doll, or sex toy, in his strong, manly hands. His power will overcome my struggle. I am his and he will take me as he pleases My brother is strong. He is understanding. He is kind. He knows what I want and he knows how to make me cum. I am willing to give myself fully to his every command. In turn, he will work with me to release my inner freak and to allow me to explore my beautiful dark fantasies. I will not be able to help myself. I will cum repeatedly as I am overwhelmed by how fully he understands my needs. So, when he has me on my knees, and I am bucking in orgasmic ecstasy, it is because he has taken my fantasy one step further; it is because he has now claimed me as his property to use however he chooses. It just so happens that he has chosen to make me available to all of his friends. As I am cumming from his thick cock, he makes me look into the camera and declare that my pussy is available for all of his friends. They can take me as and when they please. It is such a shame you and my brother do not get along. Such a shame you decided to dump me. I guess you will never get to enjoy my freaky side. Now that is just too bad! Contains: Taboo, Fauxcest, Consensual Non-Consent, POV Sex

Name Clip: Tammie Madison – Brother and Sister revenge Sex Tape – Forbidden Perversions
Release: 02.12.2017
Studio: Forbidden Perversions
Keywords: Taboo, Creampie, Slut Training, Dirty Talking, Boy Girl
Pornstar: Tammie Madison

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Size: 2779.4 Mb
Duration: 00:27:47 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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