Taking Mommy Vol. 4 – Blackmail with Help – Nikki Brooks – Maternal Seductions

Nikki takes the blonde stranger back to her hotel room and the two of them begin to make out on the hotel bed; Nikki then proceeds to eat her pussy out! The blonde stranger then starts to eat out Nikki’s pussy and the two women continue to play with each other passionately and get in to the 69 position. The blonde stranger starts spanking Nikki’s ass and then proceeds to eat out her ass this time. Nikki’s son seems to be spying on the two of them from the closet the entire time… The blonde stranger sits on top of Nikki’s face so she cannot see that her son has come out from behind the closet; the stranger pretends that she is sticking her fingers inside of Nikki’s pussy, but really it is the tip of her son’s cock penetrating her pussy. But this stranger has ulterior motives this time… she whips her cell phone out and shows Nikki that she has a secret recording of her fucking her son by the pool earlier that day… She blackmails the two of them in to having a threesome with her and in to making her cum hard. Nikki starts to freak out over the thought of other people finding out that she cums on her son’s cock. She continues to fuck her son and cum on his hard cock for another time while the horny blonde stranger watches and rubs her clit. “I didn’t want to say anything but I fuck my son’s cock everyday!” Nikki exclaims. She keeps jerking her sons hard cock with her hands, then sticking the tip inside of her pussy, back and forth… he eventually cums all over his mommy’s tits, and then the blonde stranger licks the cum off of her tits… and now it is time for him to make his mommy’s new friend cum…

Studio: Maternal Seductions

Keywords: milf, mom, taboo, vitural handjob, big boobs, mommy, virtual blowjob, brunette, hand job, pov sex, lesbian, virtual

Starring: Nikki Brooks

File Information :

Size: 402.9 Mib

Duration: 00:18:01 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4

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0700_Nikki Brooks – Taking Mommy – Blackmail with Help.mp4

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