Taipei 1001 – Does My Sister Know I Fucked Her Bf

I always thought my sister’s boyfriend was cute. It was nighttime and they were both in their bedroom but I was feeling horny. I opened the door and noticed that they were lying apart on the bed. I thought that would be a chance to see if he could resist me. I walked into the room and started stroking his body. Soon, I pulled down his briefs and sucked his cock. He didn’t seem to mind and I noticed that my sister didn’t react. I wasn’t sure if she knew I was doing this to her boyfriend or not. I decided to take things to the next level and started riding his cock. Again, he didn’t complain and my sister still didn’t react. Maybe she knew and they had planned this? Finally, my sister’s boyfriend put me on my back and fucked me in missionary. He shot a huge load of cum all over my body and we finished up and I left the room. The next morning over breakfast, no one said a word about the events of the night before….

Keywords: Asian, Blowjob, Cowgirl, Sisters, Taboo

Starring: Taipei

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