Stuffing Norah’s Holes – Norah Nova – The Tabooddhist

Little Norah, always the rebel stayed home from school, her pussy burning between her legs with furious desire. She tries to distract herself by doodling in her school planner, but everything that emerges from the tip of her pen engorges her youthful pussy further, the cotton of her panties becoming slick with her juices. She can’t take it anymore, so she slinks her sexy little body up on the table and plugs in her favorite toy of all, her hitachi. She pulls off her tight leggings, her pink cotton panties cling to the folds and curves of her lips. Sitting on the table she runs the vibrating massager up her legs towards her clit. The pulses send shivers of excitement through her body as they land between her spread open legs. Using her knee high sock clad feet to hold the wand against her cunt, she moves her hands up her body to play with her lovely nipples. She could cum over and over again like this. She holds the hitachi against her clit, rubbing it up and down her slit, she is so close. Suddenly her dad rushes in the room, pulling his slutty daughter off the table and over his lap. He scolds her for not making it to school as he spanks her ass, but she doesn’t give the reaction remorseful girls are supposed to give when they are being spanked. The swats of his hand send ripple waves through her skin directly to her clit only exciting her more, nearly making her cum as she giggles at his punitive attempts. He puts her down on her knees to really teach the sex crazed slut. She gratefully takes his cock in her mouth, sucking him the way she’s long imagined, borrowing tricks from her mother’s play book. Getting her back up on the table he spreads her ass revealing her gleaming gooey slit and shoves his cock in. He feels so big inside of her. She works her pussy over his cock as he thrusts into his loving daughter. She cums on his cock over and over again, as they switch positions. On her back, he holds back until finally he can no longer and he spills his load inside her. Yeah right lol, she wants him to cum inside, but he is wearing a condom. That would be some feat. This fucker really needs to go.

Studio: The Tabooddhist

Keywords: TABOO, masturbation with an hitachi, blowjob, doggy style and sideways on the table, no cumshot or he shot in his condom, but he certainly didn’t cum inside her.

Starring: Norah Nova

File Information :

Size: 467 Mib

Duration: 00:13:18 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4

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