Stepmommy Shames And Spanks Me – Kiki Cali

Its a beautiful summer day and I’m ready for the pool! But Step-Mommy Ondrea Lee doesn’t think I look ready enough. She thinks I look too slutty for a pool full of older men in my very short jean shorts. So step-mommy spanks me for trying to leave the house like this even if t is to the pool. And as if the long spanking wasn’t enough, she scolds and shames me the entire time about how skimpy my outfit is. She even insinuates that Daddy doesn’t fuck her anymore because I’m so distracting with the way I dress lately. She makes fun of how my fat pussy lips poke out from the crotch of my shorts. How embarrassing she’s pointing all of this out! And it all just gets worse when she finally pulls down my shorts and finds my bikini bottoms are a thong and spanks me on my bare butt for it even harder. When she’s finally done, of course Step-Mommy makes me go change into appropriate clothing before being allowed to go to the pool now

Keywords: Taboo, Age Play, Mommy Roleplay, Daddys Girl, OTK Spanking, Spanking F/F

Starring: Kiki Cali

File Information :

Size: 772.78 Mib

Duration: 00:12:16 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1547_Kiki Cali Stepmommy Shames And Spanks Me.mp4 – 772.78 MB

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