Step-Mom Taken to the Forest – Sophia Sylvan

Step-Mom Taken to the Forest – Sophia Sylvan_cover

Step-Mom Taken to the Forest – Sophia Sylvan

Originally a custom video commission, but the step-mom’s name was edited out. Looking for your own custom? Don’t be shy, check out my Custom’s button above for my FAQ. My new lover BJ and I trick you, my ex-boyfriend, and your step-mom into meeting us in the forest. You guys are so dumb and gullible! I decide to teach you a lesson by having BJ use your step-mom for my entertainment. I look super hot in a leather jacket, open-nipple bra and black jeans. You’re so jealous of BJ and you just won’t get over me, so I punish you by getting you where it hurts–your stupid step-mom. I have him maul her, kissing her and then roughing her up. He smacks her around and destroys her face with his beautiful cock, with you powerless to help her. I notice you have a boner and make fun of you for it, and make you jerk off to your step-mom’s devastation. To further destroy you, I bring out a wire to make him end her for my arousal and entertainment. You can do nothing but watch and jerk off. I get turned on by your fright and terror, and your humiliation. Once the deed is done I make you worship my new lover and myself, before cumming on your step-mom and digging a six foot hole in the forest for her to be laid to rest in. You’re leaving evidence behind, so you better not tell anyone, or we will do the same to you! This clip has laughing, but also a lot of evil and graphic descriptions. You’ve been warned! Obviously, it is a POV roleplay and no persons but me are featured or have been harmed.

File Size : 631 MB      Runtime : 13 min      Resolution : 1920×1080      Format video: MP4

Step-Mom Taken to the Forest – Sophia Sylvan_scr

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Step-Mom Taken to the Forest – Sophia Sylvan

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