Step Daddy Oils & Fucks His Girl Outside – LittleSquirtles

It’s such a hot day outside and my mom and sister are gone, leaving my new Step-Daddy and me with the whole house to ourselves! I take advantage of the amazing weather and go outside to suntan in our backyard. Then I see my Step Daddy watching me from the window! Of course, I have to go in and say hi and play a little game with him! I ask if he’ll put oil on my back… like any good Daddy, he says yes! But it has to get more interesting than that… so I take off my top! Teehee it’s so fun to tease my StepDaddy!! Daddy rubs oil all over my back and butt— he makes me all slippery and shiney! It feels soo good, I have to take off my bottoms, too! I want Daddy to rub me ALL over! I flip over and Daddy rubs down my front side. I love feeling his hands slide on my boobs and leading down to my…private parts?! Daddy’s rubbing oil on my cute little pussy! I thought it was just a game…. by it feels so good!! I want to cummies my brains out!!! Daddy makes me to squirt all over my towel! But that’s not enough fun for him, he starts to fuck me!! I can’t believe Daddy’s fucking his babygirl. I can’t believe his babygirl is enjoying getting fucked by her stepdaddy this much!! This is the best fucks of my whole life! Ugh I wish we didn’t have to be so quiet— if my neighbors hear anything my mom might find out and I can get in so much trouble! After giving me so many cummies, Daddy decides to mark his territory and shoot his cum all over his pretty little princess! I’m such a cutie with Daddy’s cum dripping down my face! I can’t wait until mom and my sister are gone again! I like this quality time we get, Daddy!! 😉

Keywords: Taboo, Daddy Roleplay, Daddys Girl, Outdoors, Public Outdoor

Starring: LittleSquirtles

File Information :

Size: 950.3 Mib

Duration: 00:18:32 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1288_Littlesquirtles Step Daddy Oils Amp Fucks His Girl Outside.mp4 – 950.30 MB

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