Stacy – I Know You Want Me – A Taboo Fantasy

WHEN STACY CATCHES HER STEP-SON JERKING-OFF TO HER WHILE SHE SHOWERS…. SHE DECIDES TO SOLVE THE AWKWARD HOUSEHOLD SITUATION…BY LETTING HIM GIVE HER A HARD FUCK!!! HOPEFULLY…THIS INTERACTION WILL CURE HIS “OBSESSION” WITH HIS HOT, NEW STEP-MOMMIE. Stacy has caught her Step-Son Drew spying on her in the shower again. This is the third time this week, he has been spying on her in the shower….and Jacking-Off to her. Stacy decides to confront Drew about his apparent “obsession” with his Step-Mother. She calls him in….and he initially denies the allegation….but with his eyes planted firmly towards Stacy’s cleavage….she soon has him confessing that he really does have a “thing” for her. Stacy decides that, since her husband is out of town…..and since she doesn’t want to have Drew Jerking-Off every time she takes a shower….the best course of action, is to let Drew have a good poke at her….and hopefully he will get it out of his system. Stacy removes her robe, to expose her big, beautiful breasts, and invites Drew to suck on them….something he has dreamed about. Stacy then begins to playfully lick and slurp at Drew’s cock…before putting it in her mouth and giving it a good suck. Next, Stacy mounts her Step-Son and with her breasts bouncing magnificently….she rides his cock….which Stacy points out….is much bigger than his Dad’s. Drew then turns Stacy around and lets her have it….Fucking her hard until he unloads inside her. Hopefully this will help him get his “obsession” with Step-Mommie out of his system

Name Clip: Stacy – I Know You Want Me – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 12.07.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Taboo, Big Tits, Blowjob, Fucking, Doggystyle
Pornstar: Stacy

File Information
Size: 768.6 Mb
Duration: 00:10:17 min
Resolution: 1920×1280
Format video: mp4

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