Stacy – Evil Step Mother – A Taboo Fantasy

Stacy is home from a tough day at the Office….and wants to have her precious feet rubbed. Since her lousy good-for-nothing (except money) Husband is not home….Stacy calls upon her Step-Son, Andrew to rub her feet for her. The youngster is hesitant at first…but reluctantly agrees to rub his Step-Mother’s feet. As he is rubbing her feet….Andrew can’t help but begin to kiss them too. When she notices that Andrew seems to have bit of a foot fetish….Stacy teases her Step-Son mercilessly. When he is done with her feet, Stacy decides that she will give Andrew a treat. But Her “treat” is going to turn out to be anything but. She tells Andrew that since he did such a good job on her feet…She will give him a nice, relaxing handjob…and that it will be their little secret….his Dad will never know about it. Andrew is apprehensive…but when his Step-Mother says that “I’m really really good at it”…Andrew can’t resist. Stacy gives Andrew a skilled, experienced Handjob….making him cum like a volcano….but this “treat” goes horribly wrong for Andrew, when his Step-Mother turns into an “Evil Step-Mother”….He squirms and squirms

Name Clip: Stacy – Evil Step Mother – A Taboo Fantasy
Release: 25.05.2017
Studio: A Taboo Fantasy
Keywords: Taboo, Post Cum Torture, Handjobs, Foot Fetish, Cumshots
Pornstar: Stacy

File Information
Size: 847.1 Mb
Duration: 00:11:14 min
Resolution: 1920×1280
Format video: mp4


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