Son Fun In Mum’s Bum 5: Rumor Sparks Taboo Encounter – Syren De Mer – ConorCoxxx

0151_Son Fun In Mum's Bum 5 - Rumor Sparks Taboo Encounter - ConorCoxxx - Syren De Mer_shot_000

Son Fun In Mum’s Bum 5: Rumor Sparks Taboo Encounter – Syren De Mer – ConorCoxxx

Mom (Syren de Mer) in the kitchen speaking on the phone with her good friend Stacy. While on the phone with Stacy, Stacy is telling Syren about a neighbour that is in the middle of a nasty divorce. The reason for the divorce is a common reason – infidelity by both the husband and wife. The erotic twist about this situation is the real reason for the divorce was that the wife was caught fucking her own son! This leads to a heart-to-heart discussion between good friends Stacy and Syren.
Late that morning, feeling horny, Mom figures she had at least a good two hours to herself and planned to use the alone time to get herself off. She sits in front of her computer and begins to search for some hot porn videos. As the video plays she slowly uses her fingers on herself. Mom watches the entire first scene while teasing herself until she has the best orgasm in years. Not realizing but as she is reaching an orgasm she utters softly: “Fuck mommy, fuck mommy hard, Conor! Mommy needs your cock so bad!” What she does not realize is that for the last few moments while she is pleasuring herself her son was watching from the back door. While he could not hear what she said or the sound on the video he was mesmerized by the image of his sexy mother masturbating. Conor leaves the room so not to get caught but the image of his hot mom is now burned into his head – forever!..
Later that day after working out, Mom comes into the house to clean up. She is wearing a tight T-shirt and shorts with her hair up, which shows off all the curves of her fantastic body. She is not aware that her 28 year-old son, Conor, had already come home and was in the shower. Without hearing the water running, she opens the door and steps into the bathroom. And there he is. He is in the shower and leaning back against the wall. She can clearly see his young naked body glistening with water through the glass shower door. Her son is fucking huge! It was easily double the size of his father’s puny prick. When he sees her looking into his eyes, he just smiles and strokes a little faster. He is enjoying showing off his young body and long hard cock to her. She can’t move. The sight of such depraved lust was totally foreign to her. She had never imagined that a young man, particularly her son, would want to have her watch him stroke his cock. Conor then turns off the water and opens the shower door. He releases his hard cock, which still stands out from his body. He just smiles and says, “Hand me a towel, please, Mom?” Swallowing as she sees his hard cock standing out like a pole., she reaches over and takes a towel off the shelf and hands it to him. But, he refuses by saying, “Why don’t you dry me off like you did when I was younger?”
She uses the towel to dry off his shoulders. She then rubs the towel down his arms and back. She kneels down to dry to his ass”. Make sure you get everything, Mom.” She strokes and fondles his cock through the towel. She is amazed at how heavy and thick it was. She could feel it getting hard again as she dries his cock and balls. She then gets on her knees in front of him he holds the back of her neck with one hand and presents his hard cock to her with the other. He smiles and says, “Why don’t you put it in your mouth, mom?” Mom swallows hard again, looking back at his cock in front of her face. Her eyes stare at the fat, swollen cock head pointed right at her. She wants to do it but she can’t bring herself to perform such a nasty act, especially not on her own son. She looks up at him to tell him that she couldn’t.
But before she could say anything, he pulls the ponytail on the back of her head making her gasp loudly. As her mouth opens, he pulls her head forward and sticks his fat cock head into her mouth saying sternly, “I said suck it, Mom!” Her eyes go wide as she feels his cock head cross her lips. She loved the feeling of his hard meat in her mouth. She begins to suck his head over her full lips. She looks over at the mirror and sees herself on her knees in front of her handsome, boy, his long cock sticking into her eager sucking mouth.
Conor sees her looking at herself, and says, “Yeah, Mom. That looks good, doesn’t it?” She holds Conor’s cock around his shaft with one hand, guiding it deeper into her mouth. Her other hand comes up to fondle and massage his heavy balls. She closes her eyes as she begins sucking his cock harder, sliding it in and out of her full lips. Conor puts both of his strong hands on her head, entwining his fingers in her long black hair and says: “Oh yeah, mom. You’re real good at this. Conor continues to pump his big hard cock into her mouth. She feels his balls slap her chin as he thrusts his cock deep into her throat. She could tell from his grunts that he is frustrated that he couldn’t get all of his cock into her mouth. It wasn’t from a lack of trying, but her mouth and throat simply weren’t big enough to take all of his monster cock. She looks up and watches him, her son, as he pounds and thrusts his cock into her mouth. As he yells out, she feels his hot cum shoot into her mouth. She didn’t taste it because his long cock was deep in her throat. Conor keeps cuming and cuming. She thought it would never end. After he finishes emptying his balls into her mouth, Conor slowly pulls his long, wet cock out of her mouth. She then lets what she could not swallow drip from her mouth as she sits there on the floor panting and trying to catch her breath.
Mom is naked on the bed when Conor comes in and although full of guilt she doesn’t attempt to hide her big tits as he goes on the bed with her to suck at her big nipples. Then down to her open legs as Conor smells the sweet aroma of her soaking crotch. Fucking her in the missionary position first, they soon turn so that mom can take control as she squats above his big cock.
“Fuck me! I’m your mother! Fuck me with that big dick! Fuck your mother NOW!” Mom screams Mom sits up as Conor goes to work slamming his mom from underneath. Conor is shoving his cock into his mother’s cunt doggy style and then he slides that big cock into her ass and continues fucking her in the doggy position. Conor starts releasing his length out of his moms ass and right before the bottom tip of his head slowly inserts it back.
Conor fucks his mother asshole screaming: “Oh Mom I’m going to cum!” Mom screams loudly bucking her ass back against her son’s huge dick: “Oh my God! You’re making Mommy cum too!” As soon as Conor hears his Mom’s cries of lust for him his legs start shaking and he unloads his hot young cum deep inside his mother’s ass. Conor pulls his cock out of his mom’s ass and reveals a gaping hole that is dripping with cum. They both collapse, out of energy and out of their sexual frenzy.

Release: 10.11.2018

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Starring: Syren De Mer

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