Son Ass Grinds Mom In Kitchen Dad Nearby – Brittany Lynn

A sexy blonde MILF in a satin nightie and robe is in her kitchen and trying to reach the top cabinet for something. Her son comes in asking if he can help. She tells him she needs him to reach the top cabinet and he comes in behind her, rubbing his cock against his mom’s ass as he does. She questions what he is doing and he just keeps up with the ass grinding. She reminds him that his father is in the other room and he promises to be quiet. Mom tries to resist, but she loves how her son’s cock feel son her satin covered ass and remarks at how much bigger it is than his father’s. He keeps ass grinding her and then takes her satin robe off and starts in with the titty squeezing. Soon he is undoing her top and exposing her big tits, which just makes it easier for him to do some hot titty squeezing. Mom loves this too and moans, as quietly as she can, in pure taboo ecstasy. The two go at the taboo ass grinding for some time. At one point he lifts him mother’s satin nightie up to expose her naked fat ass and he then grinds all over it. Soon he grabs her up and she wraps her legs around him backwards as he lifts her up and humps her ass hard. This leads to mom cumming and her son saying he is going to cum. She encourages him to do so and he cums right in his own boxers. The two then share an awkward moment as mom tries to get her satin clothes back in place and her son saying he has to go clean up. She reminds him one last time not to disturb his dad and he walk off as she continues to get dressed and recover from the naughty taboo action that just took place. Included in this clip: Taboo, MILF, Mom and Son Fantasy, Silk & Satin, Ass Grinding, Kitchen, Grind Mom’s Ass, Titty Squeezing, Lift Grinding, Big Tits, Satin Robe, Satin Nightie, Squeeze Mom’s Boobs, Cum in Boxers, Son Ass Grinds Mom, Blondes

Keywords: Taboo, MILF, Ass Grinding, Silk & Satin, Titty Squeezing

Starring: Brittany Lynn

File Information :

Size: 178.23 Mib

Duration: 00:06:12 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1553_Brittany Lynn Son Ass Grinds Mom In Kitchen Dad Nearby.mp4 – 178.23 MB

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