Sister Tells Brother What He Can Have For Money ( PART 2 ) – NASTY FAMILY – Lisa

Sister Tells Brother What He Can Have For Money ( PART 2 ) – NASTY FAMILY – Lisa

Lisa comes home and sees her brother Blake at the kitchen table she confronts him about the scratch on her car and all the beer cans and fast food wrappers he left in her car. He tells her that he got into a little accident. She asks him if he’s going to fix it and he says sheepishly…no. He does offer to give her some money to go to the mall, but he’s only offering $50.00. Lisa thinks the way he’s mistreated her is worth a little more than that. Lisa lifts up her shirt to expose her breasts. She tells Blake that for a $100.00 he not only can touch her breasts but that he can fuck them too. It’s an offer he just can’t turn down so the go down to the guestroom. Once in the room they start to kiss and the juices between Lisa’s legs start to flow. She gets Blake on his back and starts to suck his cock . Blake asks her to smoke while she sucks him because it really turns him on. Lisa lights up and goes back down on her brother. Blake wants to taste her pussy so they reverse positions and he eats her pussy while she smokes. Lisa wants his cock inside of her so she mounts him and rides her brother cowgirl style. Blake again put Lisa on her back and with her legs high in the air, he pounds her wet little pussy. Blake fucks her in many positions making Lisa smoke as he does. When he’s about to cum, he makes his sister take all of his cum in her mouth. she lets it drip back on to his cock and goes back for more.

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Starring: Lisa

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