Sibling Rivalry – Yum My Girl – Sofie Marie

Sibling Rivalry – Yum My Girl – Sofie Marie_cover

Sibling Rivalry – Yum My Girl – Sofie Marie

Alex is home from class and finds his stepmom in the laundry room, and one thing leads to another, and Sofie sucks off Alex, and then he fucks Sofie on the washer/dryer and cums in her wet pussy. Rion is sniffing his mum’s panties and masturbating when Sofie catches him! Rion is super embarrassed but Sofie assures him that it’s really normal for a young man to be turned on by the scent of a woman’s panties. They both agree not to tell Papa, and Sofie offers Rion a fresh pair to smell right off her body! He takes a deep smell and Sofie goes down on him and sucks his young cock. As Rion is overwhelmed by the sites and smells, and Sofie climbs on Rion and starts riding his hard cock. They have sex in many different positions until Rion mistakenly cums in his stepmom’s pussy! Sofie cleans herself and then puts on the panties to collect his jizz. She offers to wear them all day and leave them on his pillow tonight! Alex comes home from class and sees Sofie resting in the bed, and he has a devious idea. Maybe I can slide it in her and she won’t get up! Alex slides it in her ASS! Sofie eventually opens her eyes and Alex and Sofie have hot anal sex, since its better for birth control! Rion and Alex are home from class, and they are comparing their sexual exploits. In a typical game of brothers trying to one-up another, they each confess that they have had sex with their papa’s wife Sofie! After a verbal battle of who the parent likes better, the boys rush into Sofie’s bedroom to have her settle the tie. The catch here right out the shower and confront her. She is stunned that the boys didn’t keep their dirty secret, but eventually, she warms up to the idea. As a typical parent, she can’t pick favorites, so she has them compete for her lustful affections. She blows them both, and then they take turns skewering her, in different positions, then she lets them take turns double penetrate her- one in the pussy and one in the ass! Still undecided, she tells them to cum on her face and the first one to cum wins!

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Sibling Rivalry – Yum My Girl – Sofie Marie_scr

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Sibling Rivalry – Yum My Girl – Sofie Marie

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