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After i got to be naked yesterday with my aunt during a morning shower it was all i could think about. i decided to make sure this morning i got up at the same time as yesterday which would mean we would both need the shower at the same time. when i walked in to the bathroom my aunt Sara was wearing a long white t shirt which i guessed was actually my uncles shirt. My aunt instantly had a irritated look on her face she asked me if i missed my alarm again, i said yes and needed to use the shower now so i could get to school on time. she told me to go ahead and shower first but to be fast and not to use all the hot water. she reminded me that she needed to shower soon as well so she wasn’t late for work, since my uncle left early for work it was just me and her in the house. i made sure to really take my time showering and kept stroking my cock to keep it hard. just like yesterday my aunt stormed into the bathroom after 10 minutes saying i was taking to long and she was going to get in with me. she took off her her shirt, and standing in front of the shower naked told me to turn around and got in the shower with me. while we wee both facing away from each other i kept stroking my cock, after a couple of minutes i asked if we could switch places so i could rinse off under the water. as we started to sift in the shower my rock hard cock wedged right in between her juicy wet ass cheeks. she jumped up and spun around asking what i was doing. i told her i was sorry but i normally take care of my morning wood in the shower every morning. she was still upset but i could see a little understanding on her face, she told me to just focus in the shower and take care of my boner later. i told her there was no way i could go to school without taking care if it, she finally said i could take care of it but i needed to stay on the other side of the shower. i started stroking my cock and since my aunt didn’t tell me to face the wall i got to enjoy the view. watching my beautiful naked wet aunt soap up her perfect body was more then i could take and before i knew i was cuming. the problem was i came so hard i shot onto my aunts ass! she was super pissed and just told me to get out and to make sure i told know one about including my uncle. i cant wait for my morning shower tomorrow!

I made sure to wait to the last minute this morning before i went to take a shower and just like i expected my aunt was in her bathrobe getting for her shower too. she saw me and of course she was upset and lectured me about messing up both our morning schedules! once she got that out of her system she told me to hurry up and get in the shower and just like yesterday she said she would be into join me soon. once we were both in the shower together my aunt was pretty cold to me but she did mention if i needed to jerk off like yesterday i could! thats all i needed to hear so i started stroking! after a couple of minutes i noticed she was starring at my cock and looking excited and irritated at the same time. i tried to change my strategy and said i was sorry for how long it was taking. she said i needed to hurry and get out so she could have the shower all to herself for a few minutes. i asked her what i should do since i couldn’t finish and i couldn’t go to school without taking care of my erection. she thought about it for a second and before i knew what she was doing she reached out and started stroking my dick. i felt amazing have my sexy married naked aunt drop to her knees and stroke me to completion.

When i went into the take my morning shower i found my sexy aunt in the bathroom wearing a cute white button up shirt and some panties. she pretended to be upset about us having to share a shower again but i knew deep down she was excited about! she told me to get in and she would be in to join me in a few, with that i stripped and got in the shower! a few minutes later my aunt joined me and we both just went on with our shower. after a little while i asked my aunt to help me out with a handjob like she did yesterday, i laid it on think that i did so much better at school because of it. with out missing a beat she grabbed my dick and started jerking. when a a few more minutes went buy she said i needed to hurry up and finish so we were late for school and work. i told her i was trying but i didn’t know what else we could do to speed things up. she thought about it for a minute and then she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. she was being so cool about everything i felt bad for what happened next, right when i was about to cum i grabbed the back of her head and slammed her down onto my cock! i made my sexy wet naked aunt swallow every drop of my nut, when i let her off my dick she was pissed but i knew shed get over. i cant wait for tomorrows shower!

It was the last morning i was going to be getting up at my aunt and uncles house and i wanted to end my stay on a high note! i went in to me my aunt for our morning shower, i found her waiting for me naked in the bathroom. she had a naughty grin on her face when she noticed me looking her up and down. she told me to get the shower started and she would be in to join me soon. a coupe of minutes later we were both in the shower together enjoying the warm water. she offered to help me with my morning boner one more time and i eagerly excepted! after a couple amazing minutes of having my wet naked aunt suck my cock i decided to push my luck ever further. i moved quick, i pulled my dick out of her mouth, stood her up, spun her around against the wall and lined my dick up with her pussy. she tried to fight me but it was half hearted, deep down she wanted this as much as i did! once i was inside of her it was like our instincts just took over and we started fucking like animals. now shower sex was awesome but after a couple of minutes my aunt asked me to fuck her on the bed she shared with my uncle! now me and my

Starring: Sailor Luna, Kyle Balls

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