Seeing My Naked Smoking Step-Sister In The Backyard Is Giving Me Serious Wood ( PART 1 ) – Mariah – NASTY FAMILY

My step-sister is out in the backyard watering. She is 8 ½ months pregnant. To see her outside in a bathing suit that is way too small for her huge boobs is a sight to behold. I’d been over to her ex boyfriend’s house trying to get that low life to help her out financially with the baby. That turned out to be just a waste of time. When I told her so, she seemed to expect it. I have to tell you, seeing my step-sister in that suit and her with the water hose going and smoking on top of that was giving me serious wood. I’m sure she knew she was turning me on. My step-sister has always been sort of a slut, even when we were younger. I would always here about her from the guys at school. Without too much effort on my part, I talked her into taking her top off so I could see her huge tits. Man, they were so big from her being pregnant. I was really turned on and before I knew what was happening, we were down in her room fucking. I was pounding that pussy that so many of my friends had already fucked. Watching those big tits flop and shake while she smoked was just like being in heaven. I fucked her missionary style, on her side, even doggie style. And she smoked the whole time knowing how it turned me on. I finally busted my load all over my step-sister’s big tits. After we were done, she decided she was so horny, she masturbated in front of me some more.

Starring: Mariah

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