Secrets with Dad – Carolina Sweets – Primal’s Taboo Sex

Part One

Carolina has been trying not to be a burden on her dad financially and has started working in a shady massage parlor at the edge of town. The lights are low and she never really pays attention to the clients. She gives a great massage and then begins the happy ending, the client payed for the full service handjob blowjob and fuck. But when she hears her clients voice she stops and pays attention suddenly realizing it is her father! He is asking nicely if she would switch from her hands to her mouth and her pussy, it’s his first time doing something like this and he doesn’t want to be pushy, but he paid for full service. Carolina tries to disguise her voice and tells him she doesn’t do that. When her dad asks if she can send a girl in that does Carolina panics more, she doesn’t want some other girl there fucking her dad!

Part Two

Carolina is so nervous, she wants to talk to her dad about what happened. She knew that his mom hadn’t really been taking care of him, but for him to have to resort to paying for it is a shame. He is such an amazing sexy man! She wouldn’t let him ever need to go without sex if she were his. Carolina realizes she can be his, if she tells him it was her

Starring: Carolina Sweets

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