Scrambled Eggs in Mother’s Mouth – Una Alexandar, FullHD, 1080p

I work in a kitchen that day….that was usual day,like every other….there was nothing specific….ok,I was dressed provoked,but I cant immagine,even in my dreams that my son will attack me!!!! He was sitting in the kitchen and watching under my skirt….I have no idea what he is doing! And then he attack me! I feel his hand on my nude butt! He was crueltu! Push my head down to his hard cock and push it in my mouth! I was so confused with my sons cock in mouth! He fuck my mouth like wild annimal,he didnt stop no one moment! Then he start to crushing eggs and fill my mouth with it! Then he push his cock again in my mouth and use it like Mixer! YES! He make scrambled eggs with his cock in his mothers mouth! I cant belive what he was doing! He crush hole package of eggs in my mouth and use his cock like Mixer in my mouth! Then I make lunch from this scrambled cock eggs and serve on table for myself….He jerk near me while I eat,from time to time pushing his hard cock in my mouth! Finally he cum all over my lunch…Can you guess? Yes,I eat scrambled eggs with sperm of my own son!

Studio: Ashleymason973

Keywords: Taboo, Kink, Deepthroat, Wet & Messy, Mommy Roleplay

Starring: Una Alexandar

File Information :

Size: 1.8 Gib

Duration: 00:16:47 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0854_Una Alexandar – Scrambled Eggs in Mothers Mouth_.mp4 – 1.77 GB

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0854_Una Alexandar – Scrambled Eggs in Mothers Mouth_.mp4

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