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Being a single Daddy Dom isn’t easy, the rising cost of living and in-commer’s taking all the jobs baby-girl” She looked up at me through those rose tinted glasses and her pretty blue eye welled up, ”I know it’s hard Daddy’. I looked down o her, pretty in her school uniform and said, ”That’s right baby-Girl, it’s always hard”, but I though to myself it’s gonna get a lot harder if we can’t make this months rent. ”If it gets any harder I’m gonna bust”, I said and as she tried her best to smile she saiud ”No daddy, don’t do that, there must be some thing we can do, please don’t upset your self I’ll do anything to help”. Looking aroud the room, at the mess, the web cam and the lap top I’d bought her on credit to do her home work, I suddenly had an idea. ”Sex”I siad, she looked starteld. ”Don’t be afraid” I said, ” it wont hurt you to try you do want to help..dont you baby-girl”. She nodded her little head slowly and said, ”yes Daddy

Studio: FFeZine

Keywords: Daddy Roleplay, Barely Legal, Age Play, Taboo, School Girl

Starring: Amy

File Information :

Size: 554.42 Mib

Duration: 00:12:36 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1148_FFeZine Schoolgirl Used For Sex On Cam.mp4 – 554.42 MB

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