Ruin me, daddy – Sloans Moans

Ruin me, daddy – Sloans Moans_cover

Ruin me, daddy – Sloans Moans

We start out at my school dance, I corner you and ask if you’re having fun. I wait for your reply and as I sway to the music I then tell you that I want you to take me home… and fuck my brains out. That’s right, daddy. I use such filthy dirty-talk as I stare up at you sweetly and continue to dance. I tell you in graphic detail what I want you to do to me. After listening to my demands, you oblige. Are you ready, daddy? To destroy me. Ruin me. Impregnate me. Fuck me until I’m pregnant, fuck me until you break my bed, fuck me so hard that all the neighbors hear, cover my lingerie in cum… Ruin me, daddy.

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Ruin me, daddy – Sloans Moans_scr

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Ruin me, daddy – Sloans Moans

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