Reluctant Tutor Earns Her Bonus – Ella Hughes, Lady Fyre

Ella is Laz’s new tutor. She’s trying to get through to him but he’s just not able to concentrate. She calls Ms Fyre into the room to explain that she’s doing her best but he’s not being attentive. Ms Fyre asks her stepson if he’s “milked the cow” yet today. Of course that’s why he can’t concentrate! She whips out his penis & starts stroking it while Ella stares on in disbelief & makes comments about it. Eventually Ms Fyre realizes Laz is staring at Ella & asks him if he wants Ella to do it. Maybe Ella should give him a blowjob? Ella says she’s not doing it. Ms Fyre reminds her that her “bonus” pay is based on Laz’s SAT scores, and if he can’t concentrate, he can’t study. If he can’t study, he won’t do well. If he doesn’t do well, she doesn’t get paid. Ella is very reluctant at first but once she gets through the BJ she seems to be enjoying herself & wants to do more. Ms Fyre comments that she likes a girl who takes initiative. This seems to bolster Ella’s confidence further, and as they take turns in multiple positions, Laz is definitely paying attention. As he comes all over Ella’s body, they’re confident Laz will do better from now on.

Starring: Ella Hughes & Lady Fyre

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Size: 1.7 Gb Duration: 31 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4


1951_Ella Hughes & Lady Fyre – Reluctant Tutor Earns Her Bonus.mp4 – 1.74 GB

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