Princess Leia CM – Dealing With Daddy

Ah! What do you mean the principal called, Daddy? I went to school I swear! How does he know if I’m there or not. There are so many students.Daddy what do you mean I attract a lot of attention? Just because girls covered themselves from head to toe when you went to school doesn’t mean I can’t dress the way I want to! Daddy, I really did go to class.and then.I left. There was this boy and he wanted to show me something.I don’t know why it’s always me that gets caught. Look Daddy, neither of us likes it when the principal calls. What if I were to make you an offer Daddy? I need someone to cover for me. If you can keep the principal from breathing down my neck, I would make it worth your while. I know mommy gets mad at you when I miss school too, and I also know she is not taking care of you like she should. Let’s eliminate two birds with one stone. I will take extra special care of you Daddy and, in exchange, you have to cover for me when I sneak out of class. No more calls from the principal. No more nagging from mommy! You will have access to my tight little throat whenever it pleases you. Video Includes: HD daddy’s girl, taboo, pov, 18 & 19 yrs old, cum in mouth, blowjobs, cock sucking, cock worship, kissing, licking, daddy/daughter fantasy, cum swallowers, dirty talk, small tits, natural, cute girl, cum slut, porn

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Starring: Princess Leia

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Size: 1.3 Gib

Duration: 00:16:40 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4

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