Pandagrl Training Daughter For Daddy – Ondrea Lee

(You are at work and sent this video) Our little girl has something she wants to show you. We just couldn’t wait so we made you this tape, just for Daddy! Our adopted little girl is ready for you, I know you’ve been looking at our little girl around the house and as a good wife I will strip her down and examine her mouth, breasts, pussy and ass. I stretch her pussy and ass open exposing her while talking to you, I bend her over and show you how much her breasts have been growing and I confess to you that I’ve been putting toys in our girl, I know youve been wanting to fuck her little holes but I wanted to break them in first and make sure she could handle you. She talks to you throughout the video as do I. After stripping off both our clothes and inspecting her body I show you how ready she is by eating her pussy and ass and telling her things like, “this is where daddy is going to put it okay?” and preparing her for you. She eats mommys pussy too, then I spank her while she talks to you, begging for you. She will be a good girl for you. I will make sure of it. Then i go back to eating her ass again. Mommy is cleaning baby girl for you Daddy. We are your little sluts honey. ( ddlg,taboo,mom,daughter,daddy,pussy eating,ass eating,body inspection,dirty talk,spanking,ass spreading, pussy spreading) With littlekikicali

Keywords: Ass Eating, Daddy Roleplay, Mommy Roleplay, Pussy Eating, Taboo

Starring: Ondrea Lee

File Information :

Size: 897.6 Mib

Duration: 00:14:58 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1672_Pandagrl Training Daughter For Daddy.mp4 – 897.59 MB

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