Older Sister In Charge – Daisy – A Taboo Fantasy

WHEN MOM AND DAD ARE AWAY….OLDER SISTER DAISY IS IN CHARGE OF BABY BROTHER JOSH. JOSH BEGS HIS SISTER TO LET HIM STAY OUT PAST CURFEW… DAISY SAYS SHE’LL GIVE PERMISSION….IF HE’LL LICK HER CUNT!!! JOSH DOES….AND ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!! While Mom and Dad are away, Daisy is in charge of her younger Brother Josh. Daisy takes her babysitting responsibilities seriously….and when little Brother Josh comes to her and asks if he can stay out past his assigned curfew to watch a late movie with his friends….Daisy doesn’t want to give permission….since she knows Mom and Dad have trusted her to be in charge. Josh pleads with his big Sister to give permission…..so Daisy decides to have a little fun with her booger-head Brother. Since she has been single for a while….Daisy hasn’t had anyone to….shall we say….”service” some of her needs…….so she half-jokingly tells Josh that she will allow him to stay out past his curfew, if he will…..in her words…..”Lick My Cunt”!! Josh is shocked at the language used by his Older Sister….but he soon realizes that she is serious!! Daisy explains that she can’t do it herself….and if he really wants permission bad enough….he must do this favor for her. Josh reluctantly agrees to lick his Sister “down there”….and Daisy strips out of her denim shorts. Josh laps away at Daisy’s Cunt, and she REALLY enjoys it!! The sex starved Older Sibling reaches a strong orgasm at the tongue of her baby Brother!! After she cums, Daisy casually proclaims….”when I cum…I need to suck cock right away….get your pants off!!”. Josh, who has himself become aroused by licking his Sister’s Cunt takes his pants off….and older Sister Daisy sucks his cock. Next…the two horny Siblings begin a wild and crazy and violent fuck!!!! Josh plows his Older Sister while she squeals….and then he absolutely unloads on her!!! Daisy can crash well tonight….her Cunt has been licked for the first time on a long time

Studio: ATabooFantasy

Keywords: TABOO, Pussy Eating, Blowjob, Fucking, Big Tits

Starring: Daisy

File Information :

Size: 1.3 Gib

Duration: 00:12:13 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0941_A Taboo Fantasy Older Sister In Charge_.mp4 – 1.31 GB

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