Old Enough To Be His Mother – Naughty Christine

It is a very hot day and we are out of town for business ..Since we were there we figure we would pick up a stranger ….little did we know that Christine could of been old enough to be his mother ……When things are arranged …Christine crawls in the back of the car to change into a sexy black dress and after fixing herself up …getting all slutty looking ..she drives to our destination …we walk from the car to his room …and here we meet someone much younger then stated ….He seemed very impatience and asked a lot of questions for the pre screening …but now he seemed very calm and very quiet …shy boy…..However after looking her over and getting a feel for her sexuality …the show was on ……..he takes his times and plays with her big tits …fingering her pussy getting it soaked ….eating her pussy and the she can’t wait ….she wants to suck his cock ….she approves of his cock and licks and sucks until he is good and hard and then he enters her wet pussy and the fucking begins…..He came at least twice during the session but we think three …..he knew the rules and pretty she he broke one…and that was no cumming in her pussy ….as he fucks her from behind, we decide the dress has to come off …and there is one brief second where we slowed it down to see a hug blob of cum hangin from her pussy ….Watch for it …they pick it up with her sucking his cock again …and then from behind he makes her cum twice before he shoots a huge load all over her back ..and as a good boy grabs a towel and cleans up his mess ……intermission and the boys watch her masturbate with her magic wand and cums hard again…Intense shaking ….again she goes down and sucks his cock ..getting him hard again and this time her fucks her missionary and squirts a third load all over her chest and tits …Hot session . Lots of Big Bouncing Boobs

Studio: Naughty Christine

Keywords: Amateur, Cuckolding, Hot Wives, Older Woman / Younger Man, Taboo

Starring: Christine

File Information :

Size: 2 Gib

Duration: 00:43:47 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


1353_Naughty Christine Old Enough To Be His Mother.mp4 – 2.02 GB

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