Naughty Vicky Vixxx – Therapist Vicky Cures Clients Stress

Kyle comes in to see his old therapist, Vicky Vixxx, and he explains that he has had bad anxiety. Vicky asks if there is anything in particular Kyle wants to work on and he admits that he has an obsession with feet. Kyle stares at Vicky’s feet as she taps her foot in and out of her heel. Kyle explains to Vicky that regular sex just doesn’t do it anymore, he has to look at and sniff feet to get off. Kyle tells his therapist it has been months since he got off, and she thinks this is most likely the reason for his stress. Vicky tells Kyle she will help him, as long as he promises to not tell anyone. Vicky kicks off her heels, and Kyle lays on the floor as Vicky puts her stinky feet in his face. Vicky smothers Kyle with her feet as she strokes his cock with her hands. Kyle rips her nylons stockings at the bottom, so he can sniff her bare feet. Vicky strokes Kyle’s cock as her feet cover his face. Vicky makes Kyle cum while her feet are in his face. “I feel much better now, thank you!” Vicky tells Kyle that if he pays double her rate maybe this can be his new form of therapy.

Studio: MsJamieFoster

Keywords: Taboo, Foot Smelling Handjob, Foot Smelling, Foot Smother, Handjobs, Fantasy

Starring: Vicky Vixxx

File Information :

Size: 1.1 Gib

Duration: 00:10:35 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0898_Naughty Vicky Vixxx Therapist Vicky Cures Clients Stress_.mp4 – 1.11 GB

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