My Hot Step-Mom Is So Tight Sc.1 – Grinding My Step-Mom Leads To Sex – Cory Chase – Jerky Wives

My step-mom is washing dishes by the bathroom sink, as I come up behind her and start to grind on her! I grind my cock up and down on her tight ass cheeks. “Just remember, no penetration, okay?! The doctor warned me about this…” she says to me. My mom really wants me to finish up so she grinds her ass back on my cock, to speed this along. After a few minutes, she tells me that she has a lot of dishes to do and I really need to finish up! A few moments later, I moan really loud from cumming inside of my shorts! Later on in the day, I walk in to my step-mom’s room and I find her wearing red lingerie in bed. “Mommy doesn’t have any panties on so you have to promise not to stick it in!” she warns me. She bends over in to the doggy style position and I grind my hard cock on her ass, from beneath my blue shorts. After a while, I pull my hard cock out of my shorts and I rub my cock on top of her ass cheeks. I can’t help but shove my cock inside of my mom’s pussy this time! “Baby, you’re not supposed to do that!” my mom yells at me. I can’t stop myself though, so I keep fucking her pussy with my hard cock. My mom tells me that my cock feels so good, that she doesn’t want to stop me! I end up cumming deep inside of her tight pussy…

Starring: Cory Chase

File Information :

Size: 159 Mb Duration: 09 min Resolution: 1920×1080 Format video: MP4


1984_Cory Chase – My Hot Step-Mom Is So Tight Sc.1 – Grinding My Step-Mom Leads To Sex.mp4 – 158.77 MB

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