My Brother, the Masseur – Missa X – Kyler Quinn

My Brother, the Masseur – Missa X – Kyler Quinn_cover

My Brother, the Masseur – Missa X – Kyler Quinn

Stepsister (Kyler Quinn) is undressing in the bedroom, as brother Tyler (Cruise) stands at the doorway with his back to her. She lies face down on a massage table, a towel covering her midriff. “Are you covered?”, Tyler asks. “Yeah”, she replies, getting comfortable.
“Is everything okay?”, she asks. “Yeah, it’s just a little different doing it out of class”, he replies. “Well, you can’t be this nervous when you’re working with a real client”, she notes. “You’re right”, he says, massaging her shoulders. “Does that hurt?”, he asks. “No, it actually feels real good. Sorry, I’ll be quiet”, she responds. “Thanks again for doing this, you know, it shouldn’t really be so hard to find someone who wants a massage”, he declares. “So what you’re saying is that I was your last resort?”, she chides.
“No, not that at all. It’s just a little weird ’cause you’re my stepsister, but it’s not like this is sexual at all”, he replies. Tyler massages her thighs, and says: “You can flip over now”. She turns over on her back. “Good”, he says. “Yeah, but aren’t you like supposed to massage higher at my thighs?”, she asks. “Well, this just is a practice for me, plus I don’t really want to make things weird”, he claims. “Well, you should practice on me like I am one of your real clients”, she asserts. He massages her neck, and she exclaims: “What are you doing?”, as he covers up her breast when the towel slips a bit. “Your towel was falling down”, he explains. …

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My Brother, the Masseur – Missa X – Kyler Quinn

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