Mom Makes Me Impregnate My Sister – Adriana Maya, Lady Fyre

Mom misses having a little one running around the house & has decided that you & your sister should make one for her. Your sister is totally game for it, and mom says it’s only fair if the three of you share in making it since you’ll all be raising it together. You’ve never really thought of your mother that way, but when she takes her bra off & starts rubbing her breasts, your young cock gets stiff instantly. Then your sister starts stripping and her cute perky tits make you wild. This might be a crazy idea but you never can resist giving your mother what she wants. This time it’s a new little boy or girl for Christmas. Mother starts giving you a BJ, sister takes over, and the rest is a blur of sexual, familial bliss. Sister twerks her huge ass in doggy style, mom’s boobs bounce in missionary, and they both look awesome riding you. It all just feels so right. “This is going to be the best Christmas ever,” mom says, and you bust inside your sister, giving her your seed & impregnating her. This is going to be the best (and hottest) holiday season ever.

Studio: Lady Fyre Femdom

Keywords: Taboo, Anal, Ass Eating, Blow Jobs, Fucking, Pee

Starring: Lady Fyre, Adriana Maya

File Information :

Size: 587.8 Mib

Duration: 00:24:01 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0862_Lady Fyre – Mom Makes Me Impregnate My Sister.mp4 – 587.82 MB

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