Mom jerks off son while on phone with Dad – Katherine Worthington

Mom just got a phone call from her husband who is away on business. He wanted to make sure that their son is punished for his terrible report card. Being the loving Mommie that she is, just like everything else she knows she will have to take matters into her own hands and walks into her little boy’s room with Dad on the phone. She assures her husband: “I will take care of this”. Mommie knows exactly what to do..

Instead of grounding her son, she jerks down his underwear, whips out his cock and sits in between his legs with her pantiless, pantyhose covered legs spread wide open around him. She reprimands him while she is on the phone, but is also going to make sure she gets her son’s attention in a way he will never forget. “You’d better be a good boy in school and get those grades up!” she tells her son as she wraps her feet around his hard cock. Mom strokes it up and down as she smiles at her astonished son. Mommie takes care of her boys in whatever way she sees fit.

She lays the phone down several times and gets back to her ever loving discipline. She then starts stroking her son’s cock, jerking him off and teasing him while his Dad is on the phone, completely unaware. Her little man can’t hold back anymore and he makes Mommy proud, blowing his load for her. “Yes honey, he is going to study harder.. Mommie took care of everything!”

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Starring: Katherine Worthington

File Information :

Size: 140 Mib

Duration: 00:07:50 min

Resolution: 1920×1080

Format video: mp4


0878_Katherine Worthington – Mom jerks off son while on phone with Dad.mp4 – 140.29 MB

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