Married With Issues – The Dateless Wonder – Addison Lee, Jennifer White – That Sitcom Show

Bud Bundy has brought his friend Rob home to hang out, and his mom Peg and his sister Kelly is instantly smitten. Bud leaves the room to grab some water for Rob and the girls argue over which of them gets to hang out with them. Peggy wins, then sits Rob down on the couch so she can slide her hand into his pants. The voracious redhead won’t stop until Rob has shot a huge load all over his pants and the couch. Bud returns to the room and asks what’s on the couch, but Peggy claims it’s hand sanitizer as she takes her cue to exit the room. Later, Kelly returns to the room and makes herself comfy on the couch between Bud and Rob. She plays with her boobs, flashing a hint of nip at Rob while Bud is distracted by the TV. When her other breast comes out to play, Rob pulls the blanket up to hide his hardon from Bud. Things just get hotter as Kelly lets her miniskirt hike up to display her lace panties. Leaning over, she wraps her lips around Rob’s fuck stick so she can deliver a lusty blowjob. The two then progress to full on fucking until Peggy walks back into the room to check on them. They’re almost caught in the act, but Kelly pulls a blanket up to cover them at the last moment. Peg may be oblivious but Bud isn’t. Kelly points out that her brother wouldn’t know what sex is anyway and that he should watch TV, then gets on her knees to get her pussy pounded doggy style. She doesn’t like that Bud is watching, but Bud is digging the show. Whipping out his own stiffie, he starts to beat his meat as Kelly lays on her back with one leg in the air to take Rob’s dick nice and deep. Just as Rob lets his load go in Kelly’s twat to give her a creampie delight, Bud climaxes in his pants

Studio: ThatSitcomShow

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Starring: Addison Lee, Jennifer White

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Duration: 00:24:02 min

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